Presidential hopeful uses Pamela Turner's death as focus in ad

HOUSTON – On the same day of her funeral, family and friends of Pamela Turner along with community leaders held a prayer vigil for her downtown saying her life was taken too soon.

Turner was shot and killed by Baytown police Officer Juan Delacruz last week following a struggle.

"We are here again for another tragedy. Another tragedy that Americans can look at on another video," Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, with the NAACP of Houston, said.

"We’re not anti-police, we’re not anti-law-enforcement. We are anti-vigilantes," explained Bishop James Dixon, of the NAACP of Houston.

Family and friends said Turner battled schizophrenia and Baytown police officers were aware of her diagnosis.

They are now demanding the Harris County District Attorney’s Office charge Delacruz. They also want the Department of Justice to investigate.

"It’s not a black matter it’s not a white matter. It’s a rights matter. Pamela Turner's rights were violated," Dixon said.

Turner's death is not only making national headlines, but it's also now one of the focal points for a presidential hopeful.

In a new ad by Bernie Sanders, his primary focus is Turner's death.

The nearly two-minute long ad features several snippets surrounding the case.

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