'He's innocent': Brother of Derion Vence speaks to brother at jail

HOUSTON – Derion Vence wants everyone to know he’s innocent, his brother Joe said Tuesday after he spoke with him.

The younger Vence spoke to his brother at the Harris County Jail for 20 minutes.

“He wants the world to know he’s innocent,” Joe Vence said. “We had conversations about our family. He’s very strong, he’s a good man.”

Joe Vence didn’t want to comment about the details of the case but said he wasn’t worried about his brother.

“Once God is with you, the whole world, the whole city, everybody can be against you,” Joe Vence said. “We’re a strong, praying family. God is on our side. God is with my brother.“

Joe Vence was asked if he wanted to say anything about Maleah Davis, who has been missing for more than a week.

“Maleah, I love her and hopefully they get all this stuff straightened out,” Joe Vence said.

Derion Vence was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence, namely a corpse, a week after he told investigators Davis was kidnapped.