Why does the Minute Maid Park roof leak? Here's what the Astros are saying


HOUSTON – During Thursday night’s storms, rain was seen pouring through the panels in the roof of Minute Maid Park while the Astros took on the Rangers. 

The movable roof proved to be permeable to the heavy rains, which plenty of fans caught on video and shared with KPRC. Thankfully for the Astros, however, the wet conditions didn't keep them from beating the Rangers 4-2

Nick Kaylor, a U.S. Navy veteran, said he was at the game with 71 other vets he brought with him.

“It was coming down in buckets in some spots. At one point, the rain was coming down so hard that they closed down the bullpen for a few minutes. This was not a little shower,” Kaylor said.

“It was kind of crazy to see this raining pouring in and people with their ponchos and umbrellas out, just sitting there in the rain inside the building,” Wayne Atkinson said.

“We started feeling the rain hitting us, and me and my wife were like, what is going on in here,” said Carl Lind, who came with his wife Arnesa.

VIDEO: Rain leaks through roof of Minute Maid Park during Astros game on May 9, 2019

Sarah Kincart, a spokeswoman for the Astros, said the roof is actually not completely enclosed. The roof has open panels in the outfield and Kincart said Thursday night was not the first time it rained inside the ballpark.

She said due to Thursday night’s heavier-than-normal rain and wind, it caused these open areas to let in more water than usual.

Sky2 flew over Minute Maid Park Friday afternoon to survey the roof.

The Astros are slated to take on the Rangers at 7:10 p.m. Friday ahead of a new round of rain.