Local polling station worker indicted for election fraud, DA says

HOUSTON – A local polling station worker was indicted by a grand jury for election fraud, according to Harris County District Attorney Office. 

Anthony Rodriguez, 33, was charged with election fraud after he sought financial compensation in the name of two family members who did not work a runoff election in December 2017. Officials said Rodriguez submitted paperwork to request hourly compensation rate for the election station workers when they did not work at all. 

He was investigated when the District Clerk's Office contacted the Texas Attorney General's Office with a concern about Rodriguez's compensation request. 

The case is being prosecuted by the Harris County District Attorney's Office Public Corruption Division. 

If found guilty, Rodriguez faces up to two years in state jail. 

“The integrity of our electoral process must be protected,” Assistant District Attorney Amanda Benavides said. ”That includes holding anyone accountable who seeks to exploit their position by lying and stealing.”

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