Father accused of pouring hot sauce in 4-year-old son's mouth as punishment, police say


LEANDER, Texas – A man is accused of pouring hot sauce in his 4-year-old son's mouth as a form of punishment for swearing, Leander police said. 

Demitro Revillas, 24, was arrested after he hit his child and force-fed the boy hot sauce after he said a curse word, according to KXAN News. 

Reports say Revillas and the child's mother were staying with her cousin due to a CPS safety plan that involved the couple's other children. Police said when Revillas came back from a store, he was told while he was gone that the child had said the curse word, and Revillas reacted by cursing at the child and smacking the child in the face so hard that he fell, according to reports. 

Revillas then walked his child to the kitchen and begin pouring the hot sauce into the boy's mouth, which lasted around four minutes with the child screaming for his father to stop, according to reports. 

The cousin told police she heard the boy choking from the hot sauce, reports said. 

Revillas denied smacking the boy in the face but admitted to "spanking" him on the butt with a belt and said he only put a few drops of hot sauce into his son's mouth, according to reports. 

Revillas was charged with intentional bodily injury to a child and his bond is set at $40,000. 


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