Woman claims Uber driver sexually assaulted her during ride, lawsuit says

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

HOUSTON – A woman filed a lawsuit claiming she was sexually assaulted by an Uber driver after a bachelorette party in downtown Houston in 2017.

The woman is suing Uber and the driver.

KPRC2 will not reveal the woman's name because she is claiming she is a sexual assault victim. The Uber driver's identity will not be revealed because he has not been charged with a crime.

On April 26, 2017, the woman said she ordered an Uber after a night of drinking.

According to the lawsuit, the woman claims the Uber driver picked her up, took her home and sexually assaulted her while the vehicle was parked in her driveway.

The incident happened while the trip was "in progress," the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit is asking for $1 million in damages.

According to Houston police, the Uber driver has not been charged with a crime.

Uber officials declined to comment, citing the pending litigation.