How to fight a high water bill


HOUSTON – Every time KPRC2 covers a story about a high water bill sent to one of our fans, we hear from a lot more residents complaining about their bills.

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What can you do about a high water bill? Here are four steps to fight it:

Step One

Call the customer service number, and make sure you have your current bill right in front of you. Be specific in your argument and polite.

Step Two

Ask if the water company has done any recent work on your water meter.

Step Three

Ask the water company to re-read your water meter. You have that right.

Step Four

Read your own water meter and check the usage from one month to the next.

The city of Houston has an official complaint form for Unusually Large Bills you can fill out to try and adjust your bill.

There are other tools the city of Houston offers below:

Leak Adjustment Request Form
Customers who have suffered and repaired a leak may apply for an adjustment of up to three consecutive bills.
Exemption Application
Customers requesting an exemption from certain fees may submit a completed form with the requested documentation.
Meter Test Request
This form must be completed and signed in order for Customer Account Services to test the accuracy of your meter. Charges may apply.

Unusually Large Bill Adjustment Application
City of Houston code of Ordinance, Section 47-75, allows a single-family residential customer one credit adjustment during a twelve month period for an unusually large bill. The credit allowed is for unexplained usage over two hundred percent of average usage for the Water/Wastewater account.
The W.A.T.E.R. fund
A program administered by the City of Houston designed to provide financial assistance to senior citizens and others needing help with paying their water bills. The W.A.T.E.R. Fund is funded entirely through voluntary donations from customers, charities, and business and 100% of the contributions go towards assisting others.