Homeowner's concerns rise after 2nd car exiting freeway crashes into house

HOUSTON – A family of three is OK after an SUV slammed through the front of their home Saturday night.

Miguel Fajardo and his family have lived in the house on the corner of Tours Street for 18 years. The house is right off the feeder of Highway 59.

On Saturday night, the driver of a white GMC Yukon was traveling southbound on the feeder when he lost control and slammed into Fajardo’s home.

“I heard the screeching of the tires and then I heard a boom,” said Fajardo, who was on the computer in the guest bedroom into which the car crashed.

“I didn’t move. I was petrified,” said Fajardo.

He was nervous for his daughter, who was sleeping in the bedroom next to his. She was not hurt.

“My daughter was sleeping right here,” said a tearful Fajardo as he pointed to his 12-year-old daughter’s room. “My daughter was nervous, crying. My wife wants to sleep in the living room.”

Fajardo said the driver, who was passed out in front of his front door, was taken to the hospital and later tested for intoxication.

“He was wasted. My wife found a beer can over there,” Fajardo said, as he pointed to the spot on his front yard where items from the driver's car remained after the crash.

Fajardo said another car crashed into his home in 2009. He said he continues to ask the Texas Department of Transportation to put up a barrier for cars exiting the freeway on the feeder and for a noise barrier.

All the homes along the feeder have a concrete noise barrier, but Fajardo said one of the previous owners of his home elected to not have it, which is why his home is open to the traffic and noise.

KPRC put in a request to the Texas Department of Transportation to see if a future project is possible and to find out the exact reason why the strip of land does not have a concrete barrier like the other homes.