Woman says she doesn't know who was flying drones in her backyard

HOUSTON – Drones have become part of the fabric of our technology-driven society.

More and more people are getting their licenses to fly the devices to capture oftentimes amazing pictures from amazing angles.

But what about when they fly into your backyard at 1:30 in the morning?

"I heard a sound," Ansley Buttram, who lives in Hedwig Village, said. "A buzzing sound."

On Sunday morning around 1:30 a.m., Buttram said she walked her dogs to the backyard and saw two large drones hovering above her.

"I looked up and sure enough there were two. Industrial-sized drones in a pair," Buttram said. "About 3 feet above my head."

Buttram believes the operators had to be sophisticated because when she looked at the drones they immediately flew away. Even stranger -- almost exactly 24 hours later -- Buttram had a different encounter.

"Someone knocked on our front door, rang our doorbell," she said. "I contacted the police regarding that incident."

When she looked through her window, a truck was parked outside and eventually drove away.

Buttram has no idea if the two incidents are connected -- but she did make her neighbors aware of both. She said several of her neighbors have reported drone activity in the past several days and the disturbing incidents have them asking questions.

"What rights we have as residents for drone activity to be occurring in our backyards and our private space?" she said. "And just what we can do to protect ourselves? Because it certainly is an invasion of privacy."

Buttram said if she sees drones on her property she will take whatever measures she needs to remove them.

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