Naked doorbell ringer accused of telling woman to take her clothes off arrested

Devon Bradley
Devon Bradley

HOUSTON – A naked man who was seen on video ringing a doorbell after being accused of terrorizing a couple at their north Harris County home has been arrested.

Devon Bradley is charged with criminal trespass. His bond was set at $100.

Bradley, 21, was identified after KPRC2 showed the surveillance video on air and on Click2Houston.com.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman said someone recognized Bradley after seeing the video on social media.

Earlier story

Garrett and Jazmine Gradney haven't been able to rest much at their north Harris County home. 

“It's been very hard for us to sleep at night. Every night, I’m constantly in bed with my gun,” said Garrett Gradney.

The couple is restless due to a bizarre and terrifying encounter caught on their security camera just outside their home. The camera captured footage of a naked man peeking around the couple’s home. 

“I was very shocked what was this guy doing, what was he trying to do,” Gradney said. 

The scary encounter shook his wife. 

“My wife screams and tells me someone is directly outside our bedroom window, and they told her to take her clothes off,” Gradney said. 

The couple called 911. By the time help arrived, the naked intruder had vanished, but then 20 minutes later, a deputy constable called to inform the couple the intruder had hit another home in their neighborhood.

The couple now is hoping the man who stole their peace of mind is caught before he pays another home an unwelcome visit. 

“It’s an invasion of privacy. I just really want the guy caught,” Gradney said.