Mother says she was robbed at gunpoint outside Baytown Walmart

BAYTOWN, Texas – Police are looking for suspect accused of robbing a mother and her boyfriend in the parking lot of a Baytown Walmart.

Jocelyn Newkirk said she and her boyfriend were on a date night Friday night. They went to the movies, a restaurant and then made a final trip to Walmart off of Garth Rd.   

"We were just hoping to have a good night, then boom, that happened out of nowhere," Newkirk said.

The mother of four said when they were leaving the store, a man who appeared to be walking in approached them.

“All he said was basically, ‘Give me your things, or I will shot you and he kept saying that over and over again,'” explained Newkirk.

She said the suspect fired a warning shot in the air, then pointed the gun right back in her face.  

In that moment the mother of four said she only could think of her kids.

“ I didn’t care what I had on me, I gave it to him, I was not willing to die over material things, so I handed him my things,” explained Newkirk.  "That's what scared me most, what would have happened if he pulled the trigger that night and my kids would have been left without a mother?"

Newkirk said the suspect took her phone, purse, wallet, car keys and the items they had just bought from Walmart.  

The suspect also robbed her boyfriend. 

"It's very difficult to be out by myself at night. I can't deal with it. The anxiety gets to me," Newkirk said. “I can’t sleep pretty much , sleep has become an issue I’m tossing and turning at night.”

Her advice to others?

"Be aware of your surroundings because the world is getting crazier."

She's hoping police catch the suspected armed robber soon, before someone gets hurt.

Newkirk said she plans on getting her concealed handgun license.

Baytown Police are asking the public to reach out to them at 281-420-6646 or Baytown Crimestoppers 281-427-TIPS.