Vacant strip club collapses in north Houston

HOUSTON – The roof of a vacant strip club collapsed Monday in north Houston, damaging a vehicle in the process.

The strip club was called Playhouse Houston located on Crosstimbers and Fulton streets.

Sam Salas and his employees were working at the nearby Jack In The Box when the building collapsed. 

“They said they heard the crack and when they looked they saw a roof cave in and they heard the big boom,” Salas said.

Juan Lopez’s father's SUV was hit by the debris as he was driving by when the building collapsed. 

“The whole side of the car got hit but he was able to swerve out he was all shaky and scared,” Lopez said. 

The viewer also sent in an up-close video of the damage.

“Since we've been here, there has been more cinder blocks falling,” said Houston Deputy Fire Chief Michael Sangl.

Houston firefighters are at the scene. No injuries have been reported.

Officials said the building hasn't been occupied in two months and the owner is currently overseas. Firefighters are waiting to get an emergency demolition permit.

Sangl said the building that has been standing for four decades must now be demolished.

“We are going to bring a trackhoe in and take this building down today,” Sangl said. 

The cause of the building collapse is unknown.

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