Officer injured in North Freeway crash in pain but will recover, police say

HOUSTON – A Houston police officer who was injured Thursday in a crash on the North Freeway is in pain but will recover, police said.

The crash was reported about 5:40 a.m. on the inbound side of Interstate 45 near North Main Street.

Houston police Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner said that Michael Moreno reported that another vehicle cut him off while he was riding his motorcycle. Finner said Moreno, per his training, bailed from his bike as he was about to lose control of it.

Finner said the earlier information about Moreno being hit by an 18-wheeler turned out not to be true.

An off-duty firefighter and other motorists stopped and helped block traffic until officers arrived, Finner said.

“That God for those citizens,” Finner said, as he recounted the officer’s worries of being hit by other vehicles around him.

VIDEO: Finner talks about injured officer

Finner said Moreno suffered a broken shoulder and dislocated thumb. Moreno is in pain but stable.

Traffic in the area was blocked for several hours while the crash was investigated. It has since reopened.

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