Tumblers across America: Donating cups to stiffed customers

MANVEL, Texas – Tumbler enthusiasts all over the country have come together to help fill the need for some dissatisfied customers of one Houston-based tumbler business.

Several customers of tumbler business "Faith Flippin Tumblers" had contacted KPRC after they said they had ordered custom-decorated tumblers as early as November and have yet to receive their orders. Customers said the owner did Facebook lives from the page where they found her, but when they asked for an update on their delayed order, customers said the owner said she was behind. Months later, several customers told KPRC, when they asked for information or a refund, she  blocked them. They felt stuck.

However, the tumbler community nationwide has come in to help out. Many people commenting on social media and online that they would be willing to donate their time and materials to get tumblers to those who paid and ordered, but had not received their product.

"You have to make sure that it's perfect. It has to be smooth with no bubbles," Diana Garcia with CK Crafty & Kool Gifts, a business based in Manvel.

Garcia has been doing this for a couple years.

"This is my me time," Garcia said, smiling.

Tumbler-making is a passion that Garcia believes is meant to bring smiles. So, when Garcia saw on Channel 2 that paid-customer of Faith Flippin Tumblers were frustrated, she was determined to help.

"That they can contact me, and I will send what they ordered for - what they paid for," Garcia said.

Garcia is donating five tumblers to customers who said they ordered from Faith Flippin Tumblers but haven't received their order. Wanting to represent Houston in a positive light, Garcia has offered her services. 

"I love Houston, and I don't want Houston on the news--on the bad side," Garcia said.

However, tumbler enthusiasts all over the country have also jumped in to fill the need.

"It'll be complete in another three to four days, but that's one of them," said Beth Cumber with Midlands Vinyl from South Carolina, pointing to a a teal and white glittered tumbler. Cumber saw KPRC's story.

"I've been a customer, I know what that feels like when you don't get what you paid for, but also as a cup maker myself, it makes me mad," Cumber said.

Cumber is already making five orders for those customers free of cost.

Faith Davidson, the owner of the Faith Flippin Tumblers, told KPRC Wednesday that she did fall behind with orders and mistakenly took on more work than she could handle. However, she said, she would never mean to stiff anyone. She said being a mom, her time is very limited and she could only work on orders at night. She said her family was her first priority.

"For her not to cut off orders when she fell behind was a little surprising," Kenzie Stephenson with Diamond or Twine Custom Design in Mississippi, said.

Stephenson is also donating.

"I just want them to get what they paid for, even though it's not from the seller they purchased from because they are expensive," Stephenson said.

There were many others who commented on several posts on social media that they would also donate or sell items at a discount. These enthusiasts said they just want these customers to know, there are many people who care.

"When I moved [to Houston], I love it. I love the people. Everybody here has been so nice and kind to me and that's what I'm giving back," Garcia said.

Davidson said she has issued some refunds, and said she is working to fill orders.