Same man believed to be responsible for string of armed robberies

HOUSTON – Five bold and brazen robberies on the west side of town were all committed by the same person, according to investigators.

Detectives are now releasing surviellance video from the robberies.

In each robbery, the suspect used a weapon before making off with cash from the business.


Investigators said all of the robberies happened within a matter of weeks in the same part of town.


In fact, one business was hit one time and the man came back and couldn't get in, so, he hit a nail shop next door, according to authorities.

The man is still on the lam.

"He was just hiding his face. When he came here, he pulled on the mask, he opened the door and he came running in with a gun," a worker who was robbed said.

The phone store worker was still too worried to tell his name. He said his business was targeted by the suspect at the end of December.

He said the man came in and demanded cash from another worker and pointing a gun in her face.

"She was just, like, 'Don't do anything to me,' and she's raised her hand. He said, 'Give me the money or I'll shoot you,'" the worker said.

The man's crime spree didn't end there.

Investigators said he also hit another phone shop the same day.

Within a matter of weeks, the man also robbed a mattress store just as violently.

Most recently, detectives said the man set his sights on two nail salons. Authorities said he also robbed them at gunpoint and demanded cash from the register.

While no one has been shot during the robberies, some believe it could be only a matter of time so long as the suspect is still on the run.

If you recognize the man, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers.

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