Pack of thieves target vehicles in Katy neighborhood

KATY, Texas – A group of people were seen ransacking vehicles on Fincastle Drive in Katy.

The video is clear, and shows the group helping themselves to what Richard Moore kept in his truck, which wasn't much.

"I actually had them on camera," Moore said. "When I got to my truck, all my glove boxes were open. Knew then and there somebody got into my truck."

Moore said the burglary happened around 4 a.m. Wednesday. About 10 people in the neighborhood were hit by the group of about six thieves.

WATCH: Pack of thieves break into vehicles in Katy

"When I saw them running to everybody's houses like that, that just spooked me," Moore said.

Moore and his neighbors are fed up. They also fear if it happens again, someone may get hurt -- thieves not immune.

"If I came out here and they would have been in my truck, something bad would have happened," Moore said.