Teen charged with manslaughter after accidentally shooting boyfriend, deputies say

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A normal day took a dramatic turn and ended with one teen dead and another in jail.

Anabel Lopez was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday on manslaughter charges in connection to her boyfriend Oscar Alvarado’s death but did not show up. Her charges, however, were still read.

According to police, Lopez and Alvarado were hanging out in his bedroom in northwest Harris County on Monday when Lopez accidentally shot Alvarado. 

When authorities arrived at the home on Jenikay Street, Lopez initially told them Alvarado had been playing with a gun when it went off, deputies said.

However, after further questioning, Lopez changed her story and confessed to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office that she’d been the one playing with the gun.

In court, prosecutors said Alvarado had been sitting on the corner of the bed near the headboard when he jokingly took Lopez’s cellphone. 

Prosecutors said Lopez stood up from the bed to search Alvarado’s pockets for her phone, but could not find it. 

When she sat back down, she picked up a gun that had been sitting on the bed the entire time and began playing with it, prosecutors said. 

Lopez removed the clip, and according to court documents, told authorities she was not familiar with guns and believed the chamber was empty, so she pointed it at Alvarado and pulled the trigger. 

When the gun discharged and the bullet hit Alvarado, Lopez told deputies she immediately applied pressure and called 911.

Alvarado was transported to a hospital, where he later died.

Lopez’s bond was set at $20,000. 

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