Scam caught on camera: Man accused of impersonating West U. Public Works employee


WEST UNIVERSITY, Texas – A resident was not falling for it after a man seen on camera claimed to be a public works employee for the water department in a West University neighborhood.

The West University Police Department released the video of the alleged crook and warned people to be aware of the recently attempted scam.

Police said the scam of pretending to work for the water department, or for tree trimmers, is intended to try to gain residents' confidence and then distract victims while another "crook" enters their home and steals small items like jewelry and money.

Police said a West University Public Works employee will never ask to go inside your home and will always be dressed in a West University Public Works uniform.

Any resident who has any doubt in a similar situation is asked to call the Police Department to verify the identity of that someone who wants to access your property.

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