Mistaken identity: Man tries to clear name after Jazmine Barnes' death

HOUSTON – A Houston man who has the same first name as one of the suspects in the Jazmine Barnes case said he’s received messages from strangers who have mistaken him for Eric Black Jr.

Eric Corsey, 34, started to see his picture circulate online for the last several days after Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez announced Black was charged with capital murder in regards to the 7-year-old's death.

People were shocked that the suspects in custody did not match the original description of a white male in a red pickup truck. Because of the stark difference, rumors started to spread.

Social media was abuzz with gossip that Barnes’ mother, La Porsha Washington, is Facebook friends with one of the men suspected of killing her daughter.

Washington is friends with a man named “FAN Eric” on Facebook, but people automatically assumed it was Black. Turns out, it’s Corsey.

“I only found out through other people saying that we’re friends. When I actually checked, I was like, ‘Wow,” explained Corsey.

He said he is Facebook friends with Washington but doesn’t know her in person. He said they share mutual Facebook friends and doesn’t remember when they friended each other online.

“Probably a friend of a friend, just us accepting each other’s friend request, and I honestly can tell you, I don’t know how we’re friends, but we’re friends,” said Corsey.