Two men linked to death of Louisiana couple believed to be in Houston

HOUSTON – Wendy Collins, of Stafford, is concerned that the two men being linked to her aunt and uncle’s murder in Louisiana may be in Houston.

"It’s really a very scary thing because they could bring that kind of tragedy here to Houston,” Collins said.

Law enforcement officials out of Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana, are looking for two men, Jordan Legros and Javari Guidry.

"We are confident at this point that they are connected to these murders," said law enforcement officials on Friday.

Authorities say the two men, who are linked to the crime through physical evidence, are considered armed and dangerous and could the rest of their lives behind bars.  

The duo is no strangers to crime, according to authorities.

Legros was arrested in 2017 for armed robbery and Guidry was convicted of attempted murder after a 2015 shooting in Lafayette.  

In February, Guidry was transferred to a re-entry program and paroled in June.

Collins said that her aunt and uncle, Walter and Darlene Gotreaux, were good people. Their murders have left her and others in her family speechless.

“There (are) no words to describe what you feel,” she said.

Collins said her aunt and uncle, had cash inside their home, which is why she feels they were targeted. The two were shot multiple times in their own home days before Christmas.

“When my cousins told me what happened to my aunt and uncle I couldn’t believe it, because these are small Cajun towns,” she said.

Law enforcement believes the suspects may be driving a silver vehicle.

Guidry has a tattoo over his left eye. They are believed to be hiding out in southwestern Louisiana or potentially Houston.