Hundreds of trees being removed by community association in Sugar Land

SUAGR LAND, Texas – Hundreds of trees are being removed as a part of a First Colony Community Association project.

The tree removals began Nov. 20, according to the association.

Officials said 150 trees on Elkins, 43 trees on Cartwright, 15 trees at The Oval and 26 trees in Oyster Point will be removed when the project is complete. The remaining budget will be used to remove trees on Sweetwater starting at Colony Park and moving along Sweetwater toward Highway 59.

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After trees are removed, FCCA said it will replant the area with a different species of tree that will not grow as tall and require trimming by the utility company.

Crews work to remove trees from a median in Sugar Land.

The association said: "Mature tree-lined streets with thick leafy canopies have become synonymous with First Colony. While aesthetically pleasing, the maturation of these hardwoods has presented First Colony Community Association with many maintenance challenges. The high density of hardwood trees has resulted in increased competition for sunlight and nutrients, and the weaker trees are being overcome by their larger healthier counterparts. Other maintenance challenges include diminished or no turf growth, increased siltation, damage to sidewalks, irrigation and utility infrastructure caused by dense root systems, and obstructed street lighting.

"Over the past several years, FCCA has executed a number of projects in an attempt to find the best solution to the issues created by the abundant mature hardwoods in the right of ways of First Colony. Canopy thinning, planting of alternative varieties of turf, and planted beds of shade tolerant ground cover and vegetation are some of the actions FCCA has undertaken. FCCA's goal is to preserve the signature appearance, while ensuring the health and longevity of the turf and trees in First Colony."