It works: This is the kid Dyson vacuum that doesn't play with clean

(Dyson/Bed Bath and Beyond)

HOUSTON – Kids love cleaning like mommy and daddy until they don’t. With a new toy vacuum by Dyson, parents can make the most of the time they have when kids like to play clean by giving them a toy that does the real job.

The vacuum, according to the high-end version on PotteryBarnKids.com ($40.99 on sale) explains the vacuum has “light suction…and the wand picks up small pieces of paper (no dirt).”

Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and A.C. Moore sell the vacuum for around $30. 

While parents may not make deep-cleaning mini maids out of their kids, the vacuum teaches kids from a young age the importance of keeping a space clean.  

Here are some of the reactions to the product KPRC2 found on social media.




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