'These guys watch too much TV': Eastside business owner has message for ninja burglars

HOUSTON – “These guys watch too much TV, too many movies.”

Three thieves were caught on a surveillance camera rolling around the floor of a Mr. Gatti’s restaurant at 3 a.m.

Owner Jessi Juarez was not amused when he came to work and saw the thieves had smashed the front window and tried to bust open the safe with a crowbar. The burglary took place early Monday morning at the restaurant on Uvalde Road, south of Wallisville Road.

The network of surveillance cameras Juarez installed about six months ago captured their every move, not just inside the restaurant but outside, as well. Juarez said the trio stayed inside the restaurant for about 10 minutes and, while they didn’t get away with any cash, they did not leave empty-handed.

“They stole a drill, a speaker and a flashlight that they didn’t have when they came in,” Juarez said.

Juarez installed the cameras because he was concerned about crime in the area. He’s not worried about the thieves coming back. He said they hit two other businesses nearby.

“They'll be too embarrassed to come out again. Leave us alone. Get a job. Get to work. Everyone else in this area works hard. Why can't they?” Juarez said.

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