Mother at large after 2-year-old daughter ingests cocaine

HOUSTON – A mother has been charged with endangering a child and there is a warrant out for her arrest after her 2-year-old child ingested cocaine.

According to court documents, the daughter of Brenda Monsarret-Lopez, 25, was rushed to the emergency room after she ate prescription pills Sept. 16, 2018. 

The mother told authorities the pills belonged to another child, but upon further testing, officers said they found traces of cocaine in the child’s hair.

Officers said the mother demanded a second test claiming she didn’t do drugs, however, according to court documents, the mother later told officials she had gone out and may have accidentally brought traces of the drug with her.

“(Monsarret-Lopez) stated that about two to three weeks prior to the incident, she went out and had ‘some fun,’” court documents read. “She stated that she ‘did some things’ and believes she might have ‘carried drugs’ on her. (Monsarret-Lopez) stated when she got home she rubbed the children's hair and believes that's how (her daughter) ‘got cocaine in her hair.’”

According to court documents, this is not the first time the child has ingested drugs. The first incident happened July 10.

Monsarret-Lopez refused to submit to a drug test. There is no word on how the child is doing or where she is living now. 

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