Family issues plea to find luggage that fell out of truck on way home from airport

HOUSTON – Arturo and Fotina Martinez, their flight and luggage landed safely back at Bush Intercontinental Airport Wednesday night when they returned from visiting family in Mexico.

Their son, Tito Martinez, picked them up at the airport.

“Someone waved us down that our tailgate was open. All of my parents’ luggage fell off,” Tito said.

He said he assumed the truck’s tailgate did not fully latch after he closed it at the airport and the luggage fell out somewhere along the way.

Martinez returned to look for the luggage. He found a car part that fell out of the bed of his pickup in the Greenspoint area near I-45 and Beltway 8, but he did not find the luggage.

He hopes someone saw four, black, soft-sided pieces of luggage and will return them to his family. He said two are large pieces and two are smaller.

“They had gotten us presents from Mexico for Christmas. Overall, it was like all of their luggage, all their belongings and my dad’s medicine was in there also,” Tito said.

Tito Martinez posted his plea online asking for help finding the lost luggage. He even offered a reward.

He asked that if anyone knows where to find the missing luggage, please e-mail him at tito773190@gmail.com.