Look-alike Halloween candy may be laced with meth, marijuana

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ST. LOUIS – Law enforcement and health officials are warning parents about look-alike major brand Halloween candy that could contain drugs like meth and marijuana.

Packaging for the fake candy looks nearly identical to the real items, with similar logos and names. However, the ingredients are most definitely different.

The St. Louis Drug Enforcement Agency says the drug candy uses names like Keef Kat, Buddahfinger and Rasta Reese's, among others, and have already been spotted in a number of states.

The warning comes as more and more states have cleared marijuana for medical use, and products containing the drug become widespread.

“Halloween is a time for kids to be kids and have fun with family and friends." said Special Agent in Charge William J. Callahan. "We don’t want anyone falling prey to an avoidable tragedy. Please check your candy closely. If you come across any suspicious treats that have unusual wrapping or misspelled candy labels give it to your local police department."