A special day for a special fan: Astros give Chloe, family VIP treatment at Game 1

HOUSTON – Friday was a big day for a little girl the entire city of Houston is rooting for.

Chloe's story went viral a few weeks ago after a stranger scolded her for cheering at Minute Maid Park.

Fast forward to Friday: That 8-year-old and her family got the VIP treatment for Game 1 of the American League Division Series.

It was a day Chloe will never forget.

The video of a woman hushing Chloe went viral. She shut down, which was all the more devastating to her family, because she has a mood disorder.

"She has a harder time understanding the correct responses, the correct emotions she needs to have," Chloe's mother, Monica Beaver, said.

But sometimes, when one door closes, another one opens.

Lance McCullers Jr. saw the viral video and responded -- tweeting, "Don't you ever stop cheering!"

He also invited Chloe and her family to come cheer on her favorite team at Game 1 of the playoffs.

"I feel like I am a princess," Chloe said.

And the royal treatment continued. McCullers and partners at Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land gave the family a ride to the game.

Everyone was decked out in Astros gear.

"We just dressed up and as much as we can. We have ribbons in our hair," Chloe said.

They even brought the game ball they received from the Astros during a special visit with the team on Tuesday.

Chloe was able to have a moment with another one of her favorite players.

"I got this hand touched barely touched by (Jose) Altuve. I don't want to wash it," she said.

When she arrived at the ballpark Friday, she could barely contain her excitement.

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The little girl who was hushed at an Astros game gets to go to Game 1 of the Playoffs at Lance McCullers invitation! A ride for her and her family was arranged through McCullers' partners. We got to tag along. Take a look at our ride and Chloe‘s reaction to this fun adventure!

Posted by KPRC2 Leigh Frillici on Friday, October 5, 2018