Homeowner charged after following, shooting 2 teens, officials say

KATY, Texas – Two teens are recovering from gunshot wounds after Harris County Sheriff's Office officials said a man in a Katy neighborhood followed and shot them.

John Jordan lives in a home by where the teens were shot, near the intersection of Post Meadow Drive and Moss Meadow Lane.

“It scared me because I didn't want anyone getting shot,” the 13-year-old said.

Jordan said he was watching TV when he heard at least seven gunshots. He then watched a gray car drive away.

Authorities said the gray car belongs a homeowner who lives nearby, at 19210 Moss Meadow Lane.

“The homeowner was coming home, and there was some exchange of words between these individuals that were across the street from his house,” said Harris County Capt., Joe Ambriz.

Once the teens left, investigators said the homeowner followed them and shot them. A 15-year-old was hit in the wrist, and an 18-year-old was hit in the foot.

Investigators are still looking into what turned a verbal argument into a violent confrontation.

The homeowner will be charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.