Houston teen catches 175-pound alligator gar from Brazos River


HOUSTON – A 13-year-old Houston boy has quite a fish story to tell.

He "reeled in" a nearly 175-pound alligator gar from the Brazos River. Last weekend, 13-year-old Nick Leppard and his friends could be seen reeling in a few small and medium-sized fish at the river.

But it wasn't until later, what Leppard thought was a turtle -- ended up being this 6-foot long alligator gar that he was able to wrestle ashore. For a young boy, pulling in a fish known for its tremendous strength was quite the feat.

Leppard said this was by far his biggest catch! This was a catch and release situation, so Leppard and his friends let the gar back into the river.

The teen said his next goal is to start targeting saltwater sharks. He said those can weigh around 500 pounds.