After delivering 9,000 babies, doctor delivers final baby from Childrens' Memorial Hermann Hospital

HOUSTON – Friday evening, an entire hospital celebrated the successful career of one of its obstetrics and gynecology doctor at the Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center.

Doctors, nurses and staff gathered to surprise Dr. Hector Del Castillo Jr. after he delivered his final baby. Castillo has delivered 9,000 babies over his career.

Dr. del Castillo will continue working as a gynecologist, but will no longer deliver babies, the hospital said. 

He said even with long hours, and decades of being called into the hospital in the middle of the night, he wouldn't change a thing.

"It is the best job you can have. I honestly can tell you that I've never felt like I was having to go to work," Dr. del Castillo said. "There isn't anything better that you can be doing as a doctor other than bringing fresh life in and making sure everyone's healthy."

Del Castillo said the most babies he ever delivered in one day was 18.