'Runaway Amish Girl' author accuses Seabrook man of sex assault, documents show


HOUSTON – An author who wrote of her liberation from the Amish community has filed a civil lawsuit against a Seabrook man, whom she accuses of sexually assaulting her, court documents show.

According to the lawsuit, the alleged assault took place Feb. 9 following a business meeting. After the meeting, Emma Gingerich, author of the book 'Runaway Amish Girl,' went with a group of people to a Kemah bar for drinks and a game of darts, court records show. 

As the group was preparing to leave, Ryan Landry asked Gingerich to stay behind and talk, to which Gingerich agreed but said she would not drink, according to court documents. Later, Gingerich said she was going back to her hotel room and got up to leave.

"Once outside, Gingerich realized she did not know the directions. Landry caught up to Gingerich and told her he would take her there," read court documents. From there, Landry is accused of following Gingerich to her hotel room and making her feel uncomfortable.

The lawsuit claims Landry insisted on using Gingerich's restroom in her hotel room, to which Gingerich initially refused, but eventually told Landry to use it and leave. 

Landry is accused of exiting the restroom nude and then sexually assaulting Gingerich, according to documents. As he left the room afterward, he reportedly told Gingerich, "This is your fault," court records show. 

Since the alleged attack, Landry continued to "harass" Gingerich on social media, according to documents. 

The lawsuit stated Gingerich is seeking $1 million.