Woman claims to be bitten by shark while surfing at Galveston beach

GALVESTON, Texas – Just out past the jetties, near 38th Street in Galveston, Laura Dean took her surfboard out before sundown three weeks ago.

"It just felt like something punched me in the leg really hard. And I looked down because I thought I had run up against the jetty or something. But I wasn't anywhere near it," Dean said.

Dean said when she looked down, she noticed her leg was bleeding. She believed it was a shark bite because she was swimming off of the coast and there was nothing visible in the water.

She said she went to an emergency room.  

"First, they asked me if I had been stabbed. Then I told them that it happened in the water and I wasn't sure what happened. They said it was obviously something really sharp and that I was lucky that it missed the tendon," Dean said.

Dean snapped photos of her injury.