Shocking video shows driver rescued from Houston floodwaters

HOUSTON – "Turn around don’t drown," officials always say. And downtown Houston, it was close for one driver.

An SUV was nearly swept away, and the driver escaping through her window.

“All of a sudden I heard like, a voice outside saying, 'You need to get out of your vehicle, get out of your vehicle now,'" Sonia Edwards recalled.

WATCH: High-water rescue caught on dashcam video

Edwards started recording immediately and offered to help the terrified driver.

VIDEO: Driver rescued from floodwaters


"She was wet, and she was very visibly scared, so I  started yelling down, 'do you guys need anything, towels, water?'," she said.

Underpasses throughout the area flood fastest, drain slowest and are most dangerous at night.

“Be very cautious about that. Don’t drive around barricades ... it’s harder to see the water at night so use caution," said Harris County Flood Control District meteorologist Jeff Lindner.

The underpass near Edwards' house floods every time it pours, she says – like many others. Making it a  worst-case scenario for drivers who may not realize just how deep the water really is.