Girl honored by fire department after saving cousin from drowning

SPRING, Texas – On Thursday, the Spring Fire Department honored a 12-year-old girl who saved her cousin from drowning.

Ever since they were little, 12-year-old cousins Rylee Perry and Cali Christopher were always going swimming together and could be seen smiling by the water.

Family members said three weeks ago Cali had a seizure and lost consciousness while the two girls were playing in the pool.

After about 15 seconds, Rylee spotted Cali at the bottom of the pool. Cali was not moving.

Rylee pulled Cali out and got help.

“I go under with my goggles and I can tell that she’s not really doing that good, so I pull her and she’s just limp,” said Rylee. "I pull her up out of the water and she’s just limp like a noodle, so I just laid her on her back and I ran inside and said, ‘Cali’s hurt. Cali’s hurt!’”

Doctors said things could've turned out worse if Rylee hadn’t jumped into action.

“She really did inspire me. I do think she’s a hero and I will always,” said Cali.

Cali spent three days in the hospital and learned she has generalized epilepsy. Doctors said she may grow out of it.

“I feel like a hero, but at the same time, I just did what I had to do to save my cousin,” said Rylee.

The cousins had advice for others jumping into the swimming pool this summer.

“If you are swimming with someone and no one else is out there with you, I would watch them at all times,” said Rylee.