Houston has John Cusack look-alike

Epic photo has people doing a double take

HOUSTON – A photo taken at Comicpalooza in Houston last month has a lot of people doing a double take. It depicts a reenactment of an iconic scene from a classic '80s movie, but you have to look very carefully to see the twist.

Louisiana artist Jim Ferguson took the photo, which appears to show John Cusack holding up a boom box just like he did in the movie "Say Anything" -- except it's not a boom box he's holding this time, it's artwork paying tribute to that scene. Oh, and it's not really John Cusack.

The man in the photo is Jeremiah Maddix, from League City. The resemblance is striking.

Maddix says he often gets mistaken for John Cusack. "The thing that gets me is when people run up to me and then get disappointed," said Maddix. He says he just has to laugh when that happens.

The look-alike shares the same passion as his doppelgänger. Maddix says he acts and directs in local theater. He even plans to re-make that famous "Say Anything" scene on film one day.