Horses, rabbits, other animals seized in Cypress after owner accused of neglect

CYPRESS, Texas – Thirty-two equine animals, 34 rabbits, four cats and three dogs were seized in Cypress on Wednesday due to signs of neglect and abuse, according to the Houston SPCA.

VIDEO: Rabbits among animals seized in Cypress

Investigators responded to the home, located in the 15000 block of Grant Road, and said some of the animals were suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and lack of proper hoof care.  

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Equine specialists and students from Texas A&M's veterinary program will begin tagging the animals before loading them onto trailers, and will ensure the animals receive individual care. 

While investigators said the animals are underweight and emaciated, the animals' owner disagrees.

"They don't know the care because they come out for an hour and yell at you for this and yell at you for that and they don't ask for records," said Shirley Martinez. "Health-wise they're all in excellent condition." 

Martinez says she breeds and sells the animals. "That's my living i make a living off the rabbits and the donkeys and the worms, i guess they're gonna take them, too," she said. 

The SPCA is asking for donations pertaining to this case including: grooming supplies (brushes, detanglers), fly masks (no holes), saddle blankets, halters and cotton lead ropes.

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