Vandals target Tomball HS baseball field, statue

TOMBALL, Texas – It's the end of the school year, but a fresh coat of paint is already going up on the Tomball High School baseball field.

All of it -- to cover up the ugly mess made overnight by a group of vandals.

A worried resident who doesn't live far from the school said, "It's extremely disappointing that somebody would do that, considering that's a place that kids go."

The district says the group of about six went to the school around midnight to vandalize multiple areas across the campus.

That included spray-painting vulgar and crude comments and even obscene pictures.

Rob Dengering, another resident upset by the vandalism at High School explained, "It's total vandalism. It's spray paint. If you were to spray paint anything in the city of Houston, you can go to jail for it."

Even a statue of the school's mascot was covered in blue paint.

What the vandals probably weren't counting on was security cameras catching them in the act.

The district said it's now reviewing footage and working with the Tomball Police Department to catch those responsible.

All the while, crews continue their work to get it all cleaned.

"Whoever did it needs to be accountable for it," said Darwin McBee, who lives by the high school.

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