Trump meets with Santa Fe families, attends Houston fundraiser

HOUSTON – President Donald Trump arrived in Houston on Thursday, where he met with the families of the Santa Fe High School massacre victims before heading to a Republican fundraiser.

Air Force One landed at Ellington Field just before 11 a.m. The president waved to supporters as he walked down the stairs from the Boeing 747.

VIDEO: Air Force One lands in Houston

The governor, lieutenant governor and other elected officials from Texas all greeted Trump before the motorcade took them just down the tarmac to Coast Guard Air Station Houston.  

After a photo, the president went inside to meet privately with the victims and the families of those injured and killed in the shooting at Santa Fe High. 

A family member, who was present at the meeting, described the meeting as extremely emotional, as parents talked about the children they lost. The family member said Trump was personable, attentive, compassionate and sincere, as he talked about how his own son could not understand how this can happen.

The meeting was described as extremely emotional as parents talked about the children they lost.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott talked about the steps he is taking to make schools more secure.  

After the meeting, the president waved as he left Ellington Field. The motorcade of dozens of SUVs, ambulances, and limos left for the closed roads and the short 25-minute drive to River Oaks.  

President Trump attends fundraising event in Houston during visit

President Trump attended a fundraising luncheon at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston as part of his visit to the city Thursday.

Houstonians waited across the street to deliver their own messages to the commander in chief. Protesters and supporters lined the lawn yelling chants and holding signs.

“Someone has to show up and say that we care about what Trump is doing and how bad it is for America,’ said Irah Deber. John McClellan showed up to show his support: "I just wanted to let President Trump know that he is doing great things for our country and for Texas."

While inside, the president held a roundtable discussion with supporters and gave a few remarks for the Republican Senatorial Committee fundraising luncheon that was $5,000 per ticket. 

The stop at the St. Regis was brief and the president left to attend another fundraiser event in Dallas. 

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