Channel 2 investigation into flood cars for sale attracts National Insurance Crime Bureau

New market emerging for flood vehicles

HOUSTON – A new market is emerging for flood vehicles.

It is not where some would expect to find such cars, but thousands of vehicles from last year's hurricane season ended up overseas, according to Gediminas Garmus, the owner of car exporter W8 Shipping.

"Most of them going to Middle East," Garmus said. "They have very low taxes on import cars."

What happens, however, when a vehicle is not being placed in a container and shipped overseas?

The end of the road stateside may be the junkyard. A number of vehicles defeated by Hurricane Harvey went to various lots around Houston to die.

Ana Sanchez, of Alto Auto Salvage in north Houston, has heard the destructive symphony that is a vehicle's demise for months.

"Every day, I hear them," Sanchez said.

When Channel 2 Investigates recently visited her lot, Harvey cars branded with the words "Bio/Mold" were easy to spot. Most of the cars in that condition are being dismantled into scrap and their parts are being sold for profit.

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