Inside children's hospital where charter bus crash victims are getting treated

About 20 patients were treated Tuesday morning at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida, after a Houston-area charter bus crashed on I-10 in Alabama, near the Florida state line.

One adult and four children are still in the hospital.

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The adult is the school's band director, Aaron Allison. He is in serious condition.

One child is in serious and the remaining two are in good condition.

PHOTOS: Inside children’s hospital

The other 15 children have been discharged, but they haven’t left the hospital campus. They’re being cared for in the hospital’s auditorium.

“They seem -- some of them are in shock, some are coming into the realization of what just happened, said Dr. Trish Stevens/Sacred Heart Hospital Pensacola, Emergency Medicine. She added, “They have each other and our support.”

The staff at Sacred Heart Hospital has turned the auditorium into a “home.” They’ve brought in therapy dogs, Wii video games, rows and rows of laptops, iPads, snacks and even beds for the students to rest.