Home burglars hold Channelview family at gunpoint

CHANNELVIEW, Texas – It was supposed to a family Sunday funday, but when they got home they were met by a gunman.

Surveillance cameras caught the entire incident, and the Ayala family is hoping someone recognizes the suspects.

“I was really nervous, I froze,” said Jose Ayala. “I thought he was joking, I swear I thought he was joking. I’ve been living here all my life since I was 5 years old in Channelview and I never had a problem.”

Ayala and his family went out for brunch on Sunday.

His wife, Elisa, and four kids aged 3, 8, 10 and 17 were coming home to watch movies and bake cookies.

WATCH: Family held at gunpoint surveillance video

Surveillance video shows the family park in their driveway and as they're walking to their front door, a truck pulls up in front of their home and a man in a red sweater gets out and points a gun at them.

“I offered money to them, whatever I had, I told them if you’re here for money, I’ll give it to you, but he was like, ‘No, no, don’t move don’t move," Ayala said.

“It was very scary but I just kept thinking about the kids and looking at their faces and seeing how scared they were, it boiled my blood,” said Ayala’s wife, Elise.

The video shows her confront the gunman, who had pointed the gun at each of her children. Ayala told the family to run to the house next door once the gunman started backing away.

He wasn’t alone.

There were other suspects already inside the home and it appeared he was trying to distract the family while the other guys left the side of the house and got into two getaway cars.

“They almost killed my family,” said Ayala who decided to get in his truck and chase after the suspects.

He said he was on the phone with 911, when one of the suspects shot at his truck twice, hitting the back and side window.

“They shot twice, it was like ‘boom, boom," Ayala said.

While no one was physically hurt, the family is worried for their kids' mental health.

“Hopefully they get caught and they won’t do it again to another family because my kids, they’re traumatized. They keep saying, ‘we’re going to get killed,” said Ayala. “My daughter today we went to get counseling, talked to the counselor at school that she was scared and fears (for) her life.”

Ayala thinks the suspects targeted his house because he sells cars, so he’ll have different vehicles outside his home.

He said the suspects got away with jewelry.

The suspects were described as two Hispanic and one black male along with two getaway drivers. They were last seen in a black four-door GMC truck and a Chrysler 300 either silver or a charcoal gray.

If you know anything you can call Crime Stoppers 713-333-TIPS.