Possible ‘No Lacking Challenge' leaves teen shot in head, fighting for his life

MEMPHIS – One of the latest internet challenges is gaining popularity and has landed one teen in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

It's called the “No Lacking Challenge.” Friends pull guns on one another, but no one pulls the trigger. It's a test to if the targeted person is carrying a gun, or if he or she will be caught "lacking." 

The game went awry Thursday morning in Memphis when 21-year-old Shermam Lackland pulled the trigger inside E's Café, and shot his 17-year-old friend in the head, police said.

Lackland and other witnesses said two were playing the game when the gun went off. 

The victim’s cousin, Terrencio Bell, who also witnessed the shooting, said Monday that police had it wrong. He said the shooting had nothing to do with the No Lacking Challenge.

"Everybody is shaken up right now, and it got me even worse," Bell said. "We were just sitting there eating. When Sherman took the gun back out of his pocket, he pointed it up and it went off."

Bell said in an interview with WMC that Sherman is known to play with his gun. Bell hopes his cousin’s story will wake people up and teach them that it's not OK to play with guns.