Winter storm delivers fish in Fulshear residents' yards

FULSHEAR, Texas – Along with snow, sleet and ice, Tuesday’s storm left  something else at Dana and Ryan Metz’s house. Fish. A lot of them. 

They turned up Tuesday afternoon as sleet was coming down. 

“We came back in. The dog wouldn’t come back in, she was playing with a leaf, and we found out later it was a fish instead of leaves,” Dana said.

“I looked down and there it was laying there, three or four fish, and started walking around found about 15, found a few in the pool, so it was weird,” Ryan said. 

The family collected about 15 of them.

Wednesday, when KPRC visited, there was still one in the pool and another on the roof. 

And the Metzes aren’t the only ones in the neighborhood who saw sleeting fish. 

A neighbor, Holly Gard, shot video of the fish she found littering her yard. 

In all, about 10 neighbors in the Cross Creek Ranch subdivision near Fulshear discovered fish had literally fallen from the sky. 

It’s not unheard of. The phenomenon has been documented in other parts of the world. 

The theory being that strong storm winds can literally lift aquatic animals like fish and frogs out of the water and deposit them miles away. 

There was a strong north wind blowing Tuesday. The Metzes and their neighbors suspect these fish may have been scooped up from two small ponds in the neighborhood just north of their homes. 

Whatever the reason, for the next storm, folks in Cross Creek Ranch might need a net instead of an umbrella. 

“It was interesting, to say the least,” Dana said.

The phenomenon is referenced in the bible and has been documented in at least a dozen countries.