Group of bandanna-wearing men carry ATM from Courtyard Marriott in southwest Houston

HOUSTON – A group of masked men stole an ATM Wednesday from a Courtyard Marriott hotel in southwest Houston, police said.

This comes a day after 8 masked men ran into a Galleria Marriott, picked up the ATM and ran out. 

An employee at the Courtyard Marriott in the 9900 block of Westheimer said that just before midnight, minutes before they lock the double doors at the front of the hotel, at least five men wearing bandannas over their faces ran in, grabbed the ATM and drove away in a white SUV. 

The hotel manager called 911 just after midnight.

 Police said because the machine was not bolted down, it was easier for the men to steal.

"Obviously they have to do something or it's going to keep happening," a hotel guest said. 

In the robbery on Tuesday, eight men stormed the Marriott on the West Loop near San Felipe and threatened two employees before carrying out an ATM. The group got away in three cars.

Police said they are reviewing surveillance video of the theft to try to identify the men and determine if the two incidents are related.

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