Mother dead after child found at home alone, deputies say

HOUSTON – A 7-month old Harris County girl is suddenly parentless after her mother was murdered and her father was arrested for the crime.

The killing happened early Friday morning.

Jasper Davis, 28, will be charged with murder, according to a source close to the investigation.

Davis is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend in the home they shared on the 11400 block of Archer Glen Drive in the Remington Ranch subdivision in North Harris County, following an argument.

The argument started the evening before, on Davis' 28th birthday.

The body of Jennifer Nicole Mamo, 24, was found about five miles away from the couple's home on the banks of Turkey Creek near the 20900 block of Birnamwood Boulevard on Friday.

Davis called a friend to help dispose of the body, according to the police source. The friend declined to participate and called police.

Davis later called his father when he became stuck in the mud after dumping the body by himself, the same source said. The father, who the source said was not aware of the crime, later led investigators to the location where he helped his son get out of the mud.