Uber driver returns $700 to customer

Sometimes unexpected friendships turn out to be the best ones. Rogelio Garcia and Ade Adeleye are proof of that. 

“How would I with an open conscience tell the story,” Adeleye said. 

Ade, an Uber driver, picked up the Houston lawyer yesterday morning. Hours later, Garcia realized his money clip and the $703 it was holding, was missing. 

“I went to every office in my building here, turned it inside out and then I decided my town home maybe I forgot it,” Garcia said. 

What he didn't know was a woman, who Ade picked up later, had found the wad of cash in the back seat. She told Ade. They both counted it and eventually he figured out who it belonged to. 

“I remembered the hat,” Adeleye said. 

He said he wanted to return the cash. 

Garcia said once he realized where it may have been he called Adeleye. 

“As Ade answered the phone he says I’ve been waiting for you all day. I have your $700 and your really nice clip,” Garcia said. The two met up Tuesday afternoon. 

Garcia rewarded Adeleye for his honesty. 

“I said listen I need to give you $100. He didn't really want to take it and I wasn't going to let him leave without taking the $100,” Garcia said. 

Being an Uber driver, this kind of thing has happened to Ade before so he said there was nothing to think about or decide. 

“If I can return something as little as $10 why wouldn't I return $700. It's not mine,” Adeleye said. 

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