Respiratory virus outbreak in Houston, health group says

Respiratory syncytial virus affects nearly all babies by age 2

HOUSTON – The city of Houston is experiencing an outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus, better known as RSV, according to RSVAlert. 

RSV usually causes mild to moderate cold-like symptoms. If not addressed quickly, RSV can develop into a much more serious infection.

RSVAlert is a program that collects and reports information on RSV testing, which was provided by local hospitals.

An outbreak means the number of confirmed cases of RSV cases in Texas has been positive for two consecutive weeks. In addition, the RSVAlert states that these high levels have also affected Houston at 26% and reached across the entire state at 19%.

RSV affects nearly all babies by the age of 2 and is the leading cause of hospitalizations for babies during their first year of life.

RSV season typically occurs from fall through spring, but can vary by geography and year to year. 

Parents should look out for persistent coughing or wheezing; bluish color around the lips, mouth or fingernails; rapid, difficult or gasping breaths; and a fever.