This mom says her Whirlpool washing machine exploded, sent ball bearings at her like shrapnel

FREEPORT, Minn. – A Minnesota mother of five says her Whirlpool Duet washing machine exploded during the spin cycle, firing ball bearings and other parts at her, knocking her unconscious and giving her a concussion.

A strange noise from Sara Van Beck's Whirlpool Duet called her into the laundry room.

"This was different. It was a high, howl, whistling noise," she said.

From the force of the explosion, Sara fell backwards and hit her head. She said the ball bearings and other parts hit her like shrapnel.

The force also caved in the side of the dryer, breaking it.

She bought the machine just three years ago, and this model is not under any sort of recall.

After sharing her experience in a Facebook post, Sara has heard from others around the country who say the same thing happened to them.

Whirlpool has not responded to requests for comment.

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