Local store gets Upton sweater in stock

HOUSTON – The vintage sweater Kate Upton wore for game seven of the American League Championship Series has become a hot item. 

And here in Houston that sweater is hard to find. We found one store, R & A Sports in Conroe that carries them but they sell out fast. 

Our search for the elusive sweater began with a KPRC 2 producer who wrote an article about Kate Upton’s sweater and asked where she could find it. R & A Sports contacted her and said they had it. We went up to the Conroe store.  

Weber, Rich Mendenhall, told us he was supposed to get seven sweaters in this week. When the shipment arrived, it only had three. Those three sweaters went instantly. 

R & D Sports said they’ll be getting in another shipment of seven sweaters for next week but they expect the sweaters to go fast. The vintage store also carries other retro Astros clothing and the owner tells us that some people were happy to walk away with other items to wear on game day.

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