4 ways to avoid scammers and score the real deal on World Series tickets

HOUSTON – Tickets went on sale Thursday for the World Series games -- and sold out quickly. Many people are still trying to get their hands on tickets, either online or from a broker, but how do you know if the ticket you're getting is real?

Kayla Ramsey, of Midtown Premium Tickets, a Houston ticket retailer, shared a four ways to avoid scammers and score the real deal on event tickets. 

1.    Avoid sites, such as Craigslist, eBay and OfferUp. 

2.    If you have the choice, always buy your tickets in person at a storefront location instead of online.

3.    Look at the quality of the ticket closely. It should be printed on thick paper with crisp colors and a bar code. Also be sure to look at the back: “Usually on the back of the ticket, they have the rules for the ticket holder,” Ramsey explained. “It has the refund information, if you need a refund and the MLB commissioner's signature." 

4.    Be very wary of PDF tickets printed on white paper. They are easily copied and sold. 

“A lot of people will print these out to go to the game, and sell another pair, and only one person can use the ticket.”